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Transition: A Jumping Off Point for Greatness

Perhaps it’s a divorce, a financial blow, or the loss of a loved one. Whatever your transition, it’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless. However, as Psychology Today points out, a moment of transition can be the beginning of better things. Now might be the perfect time to open your eyes to the opportunities before you.

Today, Kind To Mind shares a few ways that you might turn what feels like a negative point in time into the first day of a healthier, happier you.

Losing a job

Whether you’ve been fired, laid off, or simply mourn the days you enjoyed your profession, you may have the option of becoming your own boss. If you have enough money in savings to pay the bills for the next six months, tap into your talents and start your own business. Even if you’re just freelancing, you can use tools found on the internet to help you launch your website, register your business, find customers, and conduct business.


There is nothing easy about divorce, but, for better or for worse, about half of all marriages end in legal separation. While this is a traumatic time, particularly for women who may have spent their married lives at home raising children, notes that it is an opportunity to find yourself. You might, for example, find that you have more passion for life if you’ve gotten out of the situation that dulled your flame.

Death of a loved one

After someone we love passes, those of us left behind often struggle to find a way to make sense of the permanence of death. While you may never find all of the answers you seek, you can turn your loss into something positive. One major life change you can make now is to start a nonprofit charitable organisation in honour of your lost loved one. The work of establishing and running a nonprofit provides a place to direct your energy in a way that commemorates your loved one.

Empty nest

As we get older, we know that our children will fly the proverbial coop one day. But, this is a huge transition and one that we usually only look forward to in jest. Take this time to learn how to be a better parent by allowing your child to spread their wings. It can be difficult, but you will soon feel a sense of accomplishment, freedom, and relief knowing that you have raised up a special young adult. Once you have more free time, you can make changes in your life, such as making space at home to exercise more often, which will promote physical and emotional wellness.

There are many life changes that we simply don’t want. But, we can turn perceived negatives into tangible positives by making a few choices that allow us to see past our own grief. That includes starting a new job or business, finding yourself after divorce, and making the most of an empty nest situation.

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