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Mental Health Service of the Year - Global Livewire Awards 2022

Talks and Workshops
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what does our talking service look like?

Meeting online for 50 minutes a week

We use online video conferencing software, or telephone if you prefer, to deliver our 1-1 sessions. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and takes place with a certified mental health practitioner.

Exploring the challenges that life throws at you

We encourage clients to consider which specific challenges they may wish to focus on during sessions, however, we acknowledge that some clients benefit from engaging in explorative conversations about their weeks, homelife or everyday ups and downs. There is no right or wrong topic to bring to sessions and if we feel we are not the right service for you then we will simply signpost you to someone better suited to meet your needs.

Exploring tools and stratagies to cope with life's challenges

We lean heavily on a variety of therapeutic tools. Our founder and lead mental health practitioner is trained in counselling, CBT, trauma-informed approaches and mindfulness startegies.

Simply talking

Whilst we believe in the power of building our resilience toolkit and gaining deeper understanding into the relationship between our emotions, behaviour and thoughts, we also like t provide a space where people can simply talk in an inclusive, open and supportive space. Therefore, if client's prefer to use the space fro venting, gaining clarity and leaning into the counselling skills of our practitioner then we are happy to faciliate that.

Talks and Workshops

the kind to mind methodology

Cognitive Behavioural Theory

Cognitive Behavioural Theory/Therapy is a type of talking therapy. It focuses on the relationship between how we think, how we feel, how we behave and how this in turn influences our overall mental health. 

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness practice is a powerful approach to our thoughts and feelings. We use mindfulness strategies to help clients create some distance between themselves and their emotional or cognitive experiences. It acknowledges that we are not our thoughts or feelings, that our emotions and thoughts act more as visitors or communicators, which we can observe from a distance and learn from. 


Our mental health practitioner is trained in counselling for both young people and adults. We use active listening as the backbone of our talking service to provide a supportive, inclusive and non-judgemental space for being to open up.

Coaching Questions

Coaching questions may consist of more direct probes into ones thinking or behvaioural patterns. We sometimes use coaching questions to supportively challenge clients around things like limiting beliefs, bias or encourage new ways of viewing a problem. Coaching questions are never used without the clients consent as they can sometimes trigger strong emotional responses. If we feel you may benefit from occasional coaching questions we will discuss this with you first and there is no expectation to partake unless you would like to.

how much does it cost?

Our sessions start at £35. Thanks to donations and funding, we can sometimes offer funded or part-funded spaces. Please get in touch for more information.

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