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International and EU Projects

Kind To Mind is currently designing and curating a variety of projects, primarily in the form of youth exchanges and trainings, for international and European groups. We are seeking partners and funding to continue our social impact, primarily through Erasmus+.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+, funded by the European Commission, is a platform to apply for, select and deliver or participate in youth exchanges or trainings for those in the European Union. Youth exchanges are open to EU citizens aged 16-30 and trainings are open to EU citizens aged 18+. Projects work with partner organisations from a variety of EU countries to coordinate the project and recruit participants.


Past and Present Projects


Future Projects


Past and Present Partners and Network


What Are We Open To?

Keys for Change - Hollókő, Hungary

Mental Health for Youth Workers - Vilnius, Lithuania

The Break Fellowship - Spain

Aware Thinker 1 and 2 - Kent, UK

Unity - Grimslöv, Sweden

Mind over Matter 
Safeguarding the minds of participants and facilitators in the E+ world.

Cycle of Wellbeing
Equipping young adults with mental health tools of resilience and empowerment.

A Natural Mind
A training course connecting the power of our natural world with emotional and cognitive health.

Flourish to Nourish
Improving the relationship young adults have with food and their bodies.

Egyesek Youth Association,

YHO - International Youth Health Organisation


The Break - EOI, Madrid and ImpactHub

Globala Kronoberg, Sweden

InnovEd, Greece


We are currently looking to submit our KA1 projects through partner organisations. If you are an NGO in the EU then we would love to hear from you.

We are also open to working with other NGOs or freelancers to write and deliver KA1 and KA2 projects.


Get in touch regarding Erasmus+ or international projects:

Thanks for submitting!

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