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Mental Health Service of the Year - 2022 - Global LiveWire Awards


Kind To Mind is an organisation that provides personal development and mental health services for people over the age of 16. We offer workshops, training and personal development programmes (group and 1:1) on topics such as anxiety management, mindfulness, workplace wellbeing and self esteem. 

The blog, which includes a Men's Corner written by members of our community, provide a platform for others to candidly share mental health experiences and hope. We hope this is of some service to you.

To find out more about our services or book a service, head to the Services page or contact us here.

and Workshops

We deliver workshops and training courses to two core groups.

Our training courses for workplaces focus on either equipping senior leadership and management teams with skills to effectively support and promote team wellbeing, as well as working with employees to educate and equip the individuals with skills to improve wellbeing in the workplace and improve communication and team cohesion. Our workshops for the youth sector focus on mental health, resilience and personal development for the transitioning from child/adolescent to adult.

We deliver sessions online and in person


Erasmus+ Projects

We have been contributing to, writing and delivering Erasmus+ personal development and mental health themed projects all across Europe to groups aged 18 - 65. 

We work with partner NGOs to write and submit projects in line with the UN's SDGs and the European Commission's Erasmus+ aims. Our projects include community building, non-violent communication, mental health and safeguarding training for youth workers and body image and relationship to food.

We are always open to working with new NGOs or participants so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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