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The act of socializing as a key to growing

Through our development and growth as a person and a member of society, we can consider that there are a lot of individual aspects which help us to meet, evolve and create relationships with unknown persons. These aspects can be described as sympathy, love, consideration, kindness, courage and empathy. Why would we need so many aspects in order to create relationships with others? Firstly, meeting others and social development demands courage in the present days, where we are all attached to our phones and digital reality, sometimes we are so attached that we think we are creating another person on the smartphone. As consequence, we stop making contact with others, at least in reality and we stop creating relationships that will help us grow as an individual of society. This new reality drifts us from others and from our natural essence as a human being. In fact, we need, as our nature, to contact with others, it helps us to grow as humanity.

What does it take to meet others? At the beginning of our social path, we need to have the will, the motivation and the availability to meet others, to create something, to leave our comfort zone and discover what is there. This is easy to say, but depending on our social aspects, some people are easier to socialize with than others, which is not a bad thing, but it creates more opportunities that a person who has more consideration in socializing. On the other hand, it doesn’t depend only in our availability or motivation, it depends on aspects that we have developed through our life and with experiences that we have lived. We create barriers that will make questions, inquires and scenarios in our imagination, sometimes these barriers do tell us to be afraid or stopped us of discovering because they keep us protected.

At the beginning, it may seem logical and well but after several attempts of connecting with people, these barriers create a system where our brain just shuts from reality and creates a social bubble where we, simply, don’t have any motivation or willingness to know others.

We - human beings – are discoverers of the world. It is in our nature to discover, experience, create, meet, and remember. Going to the unknown and leaving our comfort is an act of courage but sometimes, we are just so well accommodated that we do not feel freedom anymore. Certainly, every one of us has different social methods, experiences and objectives, for example, some want to know the whole world and others want to know our closed ones. Going on an adventure and discovery does not need to be on the other side of the planet, just needs to be on the other side of us.


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