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Pressure and impact in developing ourselves

As we grow every day in our lives, we may develop and gain conscience that somethings were hidden from us during our earlier years. Some of those things might become a taboo if we do not speak freely about them and in some manner, confront them. These refer to death, gender, sexuality, personality, fetishes or even our wages. It affects not only our personal side, but also our professional perspective. The question is indeed why should we not speak about these subjects and matters who affect all the people in the world every day?

Since younger ages, we are overpressured, overwatched and almost every time in a constant spotlight. This in some cases can affect our development in a manner that we can improve and we can grow if we adapt properly to the faced conditions. On the other hand, not everyone faces this reality in a good way or see this as a challenger to their development. When this happens, this can result in a negative effect to our personality, to our growing process and to our lifestyle. We might want to be apart from everything and everyone, we can start to create our own bubble from reality, we can stop paying attention to our surroundings, we can propose to be alone with ourselves, which creates a non-benefit loop effect, and when we notice, we are all alone.

Our world is moulded to make and seek the best of the best but not everyone can be the best in the world, however, they can be the best of themselves. How? The answer is ambiguous, but it is certain at some point. We need to look in front and not down, we need to see our surroundings, we need to experience, learn, try and fail. Only then, we can grow and mould us in the best imaginable figure that we want for ourselves. If we mould our life with this phrase “There is only one thing worse than being sad, it is being sad and alone”. Life is not easy, and it is not like a pillow of feathers, but it is a bed that we need to keep caring for to provide us the best sleep and comfort. To do that we need to face challenges, horrendous life moments, a lot of crying and a lot of failures. After that? If we continue, we can discover amazing moments, memorable people, unimaginable experiences, and a lot of love. We just need to keep going and to keep trying.

The world is changing constantly, and we are changing with the world, or as I believe, it should be the exact opposite. A Human being has the capacity to change themselves. After all that we lived, still live and will live, we can make an impact, a difference, a change in our world and in our loved ones. At the end of all, leaving that mark in our world is what matters. Being remembered for what we accomplished and for what we did is, without a doubt, great and memorable, but being remembered for who we were is fascinating and inspiring. We should all try to use time to create that path and mark in a way that we are happy and we make the others happy.

Pay attention to every detail, to every moment and to every piece of gratefulness. At the end of the day, it will make you smile.


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