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Leisure and traveling as a disclosure for us

Our world is enormous and it cannot be discovered in one lifetime because we do not know everything about it. However, we can use this statement to argue that travelling is indeed the best teacher and the best method of learning and experiencing.

Travelling within our country or to a foreign country can develop capacities that some of us do not know that we have. It can develop independence, we can discover new tastes, we can trigger new motivations and we can reslise how to live and how to improve our life. For example, when we are in a place for many years, we start to feel accommodated, monotonous, repetetive or even unmotivated and we tend to lose the feeling of new things, of exploring, of discovering and knowing. We start to settle down due to various reasons and it can gently harm us, at certain point because we can stop living. It is important to keep in mind that we – Human Beings – are explorers and we need to sense that feeling of discovery and meet the unreachable. Moments of our story have proven that, and many episodes will come because we have challenged us and we overreached every fear, challenge, uncertainty or doubt.

Referring to the last paragraph, do not think that I am saying to catch the next flight to wherever you would like to go. Firstly, because travelling is not mandatory to visit the place that we have always dreamed of, we can learn a great number of things near our residence, near our locals, within our country, state or with our close foreign countries. That is the whole point, it is not having to travel half of the world to have a full week of pictures in our Instagram or showing to our close ones that we went there, and it was the best time of your lives because you can not tell it was, you just lived the life in one way. If it is possible to find a synonym to the word “travel”, it is enrichment and this is what really matters in the act of travelling. It is getting out of our reality, of our comfortable place, of our routine and diving in to the deep of uncertainty and mystery. At the end, we will feel alive, we can aspire to greater things, we can set our life with multiple small goals which can be accomplished in our daily basis, and we can set bigger objectives which can be reached in a certain amount of time, and during the process it is possible to build something which is going to bring enrichment at the end of the walk. With that we will manage to find adaptability, accomplishment, affection and success.

Nonetheless, we can use the leisure and travelling as escapism of our reality and our life. It is possible to state that visiting a new country, a new destination, trying a new gastronomic experience, trying a new tourism product, meeting new people, learning new habits, learning a new culture is a life changer often with advantages. We can identify these advantages as growing, open minded, networking, memories, moments, breaking the routine and happiness. Of course, on the other hand, we have stress, planning, financial limitations, budget complications, tiredness and security precautions.

We are a volatile being and due to our nature, we tend to be weak. The only thing that we can promise to each other is we are living today so we can decide tomorrow.


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