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Crabs in a bucket?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Ever heard of the crabs in a bucket mentality?

Basically, if you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket and one tries to climb out, the rest of the crabs will all try to drag that crab back down into the bucket with them. Sure, any 'one' crab can climb up and escape. But it is the groups demise to pull each crab down that tries to climb up and out ahead of another first. ⠀ ⠀

In our human relationships we are influenced by our social circle. Most of us have a lot of relationships/coworkers/family/friends in our lives, but I’m talking about the ones you chat with and see on a regular basis - the people we are around and in communication with the most. Surrounding yourself with the right people will determine how far you grow or don’t grow throughout your life. Are you’re leveling up aside one another or staying stagnant together?⠀ ⠀

Just like plants, we require the right environments to flourish! Aware of it or not, these people are influencing your decisions, mindset, success, health choices and the things you are consuming in all forms. They’re either giving you energy and inspiring you, or they're draining your energy to fuel their own light (then no one ever gets to move forward!) We can’t always cut people out of our lives completely. But we can distance ourselves, set boundaries, communicate, and add in more positive people we wish to have around us that lift us up and push us to be even better versions of ourselves. ⠀

What does your circle look like? Is it dragging you down or lifting you up? If you’re the smartest, most successful, healthiest or overall best in the group, then I encourage you to open your circle up to people that inspire you to grow further in other areas that they may excel in. I’m grateful for many positive circles I can turn to in my life. But I know that the most important focus for me is the 3-5 people that I’m in contact with most daily. Notice the energies throughout your week and take time to reflect and proceed as is right for you!

Written by Nicole DeFelice



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