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why we exist

In 2020, our founder began a blog that encouraged transparent and raw expressions of mental illness. Determined to break down stigma and restrictive diagnostic criteria, Kind To Mind developed into a platform of advocacy and service. We are now proud to be directly impacting lives and improving the way society responds to mental health, from skills-building workshops for professionals and young adults, to campaigning for reformed policy and medical approaches to mental illness.

We still have a lot of work to do and are incredibly passionate about making a difference to marginalized people. If you share our values, have a story to tell, or simply want to join the movement, then get in touch and we'll help you find your place in our community.


our mission

to equip people with tools to lead a healthy & impactful life

to empower and amplify the voices of those experiencing stigma

to deepen our understanding of health by learning from lived experience and research

Yoga at the Park

our values

radical inclusivity

Radical inclusivity considers everyone as an equal. Regardless of your background, political or moral views, identity or any protected characteristics, you are welcome here. We strive to provide a service that acknowledges mental health as non-discriminating. If you have a mind then you have mental health and we want everyone to have opportunities to live healthily with a happy and clear mind.

client centred

We do what we do for our clients. Person-centered care is at the forefront of our services. This means that we reduce blanket rules or approaches for those we serve, and consider everyone as having unique needs and ambitions that require a service centered around them. Whether we are working with a group, workplace or individual, we will tailor our evidence-based approaches to meet the client's background and desires for improvement.

open mindedness

We acknowledge that we are alwasy learning. With an advocacy and continued learning appraoch, we want to empower those voices from whom we can learn and continue to develop our service. This requires an open mind and humility to be best able to support our clients.

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