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Kind To Mind was founded in 2019 and became a registered company in 2022. Our focus is on equipping groups of individuals with the tools they need to lead a healthy and impactful life. We do this through international projects, workplace training courses, youth and school workshops as well as 1:1 personal development programmes.

Meet The Team


Emma Lyddon

Founder and Director

Background in Psychology, Mindfulness Practice, Holistic Wellbeing Coaching and EU Personal Development Project Facilitation

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Connie Millar

Lead Content Creator

Background in Psychology and passionate about discussing common yet stigmatised mental health topics.

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Gavin Duncan

SEO Wiz, Content Creator

Based in Scotland and with experience in technology and search engine optimisation, alongside content creation in both graphic and written format.

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Emma Dearling


A freelancer and business owner with a background in still life and portrait illustration

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