Kind To Mind is an organization that aims to bring the tools of mental health care available to more people. We rely solely on donations and volunteers to fund mental wellbeing toolkits which are distributed to those in need of support. We prioritize content focused on Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorder’s and Addiction, however strive to produce content that will benefit all.

Our business side provides personal development services such as 1:1 Coaching, Live Classes, Talks and Workshops. Payment of these services goes to the deliverer of the service with 20% donated going to the Kind To Mind charity fund when services are delivered by a third party.

Our charity side is where your donations come in and we are able to support people in crisis with more focused support based on CBT principles and aimed at those engaging in high risk behaviour.

Meet The Team


Emma Lyddon


Connie Millar

Lead Content Creator


Amy Gunn

Content Creator

Gavin Duncan

SEO Wiz, Content Creator (#MensCorner)


Figurative Illustrator




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Emma Dearling


Illustration by Emma