The problem with toxic self-improvement

The problem with toxic self-improvement

-It doesn't align with personal belief

-It comes from comparison

-Extrinsic motivation is doomed to fail

-There are no parameters

There you are coming to the end of a hectic day, you just somehow made it through, then bam you realize you forgot to invest £10k this month. Horror! In what, you ask? I don't know but the random Business guru with his menacing folded arms and a smug smile on Instagram tells you to.

This is a topic that has irked me for some time now, I call it “toxic self-improvement” .

You may have already been ambushed by a total random entrepreneur man. He has a lovely smiling face but has a list of demands which are almost laughable:

10 goals before the age of 30:

  • Start investing 10K / month

  • Read 4 books/month

  • Wake up early every day

  • Become a millionaire

  • Take a trip around the world

  • Own 5 different homes

  • Have more than 5 streams of income

  • Exercise 10 hours a week

  • Pay off all debts

  • Learn something new every day

All of these goals are verbatim from the post.

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