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Halloween yesterday. A bit of a let down to be honest. Not for me because I was working anyway but for children who need a bit of excitement. But also a nationwide lockdown was announced.

It's really tough on us all and I think now more than ever we need to be prioritising our emotional wellbeing. With extra time on our hands and fewer outings to distract ourselves and keep us occupied, it is so easy to slip into bad habits. But we can fill our time with new hobbies. Instead of drinks or meals out, going to the gym or seeing friends and family, take this time to really get ahead with your self-care and recovery. We've all had a bit of a crap year, albeit I am sure some of us are happy and thriving and that we can still celebrate!

My Mindful Mental Health Course on Udemy is now free of charge to give yourselves all the opportunity to put your wellbeing first.

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