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This is the first year I've anticipated the January Blues. If it weren't for Covid - 19, my list of things to look forward to in the new year (which is something I write after every Christmas) seems less exciting and all the bits that I could be motivated and passionate about just seem unrealistic in this current climate. There are lots of things I want to do this year, I don't lack ambition, but nothing that I am allowed to do in lockdown or anything that I haven't been doing for the past few months anyway really grabs me. However, in order to keep the blues at bay, I have still written a fairly comprehensive list. It is important for me to have something tangible to draw on when my mind gets a little funky because in those moments I can't rely on brainpower to recall everything I love about life. Therefore, I write it down to remind myself when I feel my mood slipping. On this year's list are few new hobbies I'd like to take up - getting back into meditation, get into indoor rock climbing (if it weren't for Covid) and take up the flute (which I highly doubt will ever happen so I won't advertise the concert yet). But... whether these things happen or not there is one thing on my list that really does need to happen. My main resolution of 2021 is to give up Amazon. I have got into such a bad habit of just clicking away my part-time salary on Amazon that not only do I no longer support smaller independent businesses, but the carbon footprint of all my deliveries has probably contributed to the death of over 10 polar bears. I try and justify my excessive use of Amazon Prime by thinking that I'm helping Jeff Bezos put his children through a good education but, to be honest I may just be clutching at straws here. So, no more Amazon for me. I'm going to become more environmentally friendly, cut down my carbon footprint and cancel my direct debit to the Bezos trust fund.

Just because I have a resolution this year doesn't mean you should too. Sometimes just getting through the day is enough for us and if that is where you are then congratulations for yesterday. In no way are these goals smaller or less challenging, we all have different scope for achievement in different fields and at different times in our lives, we feel more able to push ourselves in different directions. I for one contemplated dry January and, not that my alcohol consumption is too much of a crutch to lean on, I recognised that in lockdown, gin and tequila may be the one thing that makes a Friday night stand out from a Monday. Anyway, that's enough life coaching for one day. Happy new year to all my lovely readers and stay well.

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