Isn't that your third outfit today?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I know I'm going to change my outfit again soon though. I like the style, fashion statement and overall look of my outfit. I just feel like it would look better on someone skinnier. Deep down I know that that's not true. And honestly it isn't true. But still, one day at a time. And today I want to feel good so I'm going to wear something I feel confident in.

Interval - she changes her outfit before continuing to write this post...

Away with the t-shirt, in with a belt and a new top.

And she's back!

People often comment on how many outfits I wear in one day. Like today.

'Is that your third outfit of the day, Ems?'

It's often not even 10 am by this point. But once I have diverted back to the 6 outfits I wear on rotation, having thought that experimenting with all the other items of clothing I have in my chest of drawers would be a good idea, I feel satisfactorily pleased myself.

Some days are better than others though. I mean there are times when I can wear a pair of loose denim shorts and feel like Winona Ryder and then a week a later I'll wear the same shorts and compare myself to Winnie the Pooh. I don't know what it all means. But at least I have days wear I can tan my legs and not balaclava myself up. It's summertime so I feel a certain obligation to reveal bare skin. I feel as if I'd be wasting the opportunity to feel the sunshine by covering up too much. But I do think a balance is needed because if I rush too fast into wearing more revealing outfits than I could end up causing more damage. Anyway it's cloudy and grey today so I shall rejoice in a pair of leopard print jeans and a white puffy top-type thing.

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