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A festive newsletter for a festive season!

Christmas is a time for celebrating and counting our blessings. So I want to take this opportunity to feel grateful for what I have. Firstly, I'm grateful to have this platform of which I can utilize and make my voice heard. I am grateful to live in a country where, as a woman, I can express myself freely without risk of prosecution. It is the unfortunate truth that if some young women in today's world were to write like me, they may not see tomorrow. However, it also wouldn't be possible without my fabulous reader's and supporters so for all your continued interest and following of what I do - Thank You! I am also grateful that my Christmas this year looks quite different to last. It's scary facing Christmas for the first time in recovery from an eating disorder because previous years I have had a plethora of, albeit unhealthy, coping mechanisms to get me through. Now that I have shelved those, the thought of eating big meals, nibbles and drinking over the festive season makes me apprehensive. But compared to last year, (and for reference see photo above of my emotionally vulnerable self masked in a smile and 1910s inspired masculine and androgynous fashion) I can relax a bit more around food and enjoy the company of my family. There will be no dashing off after a meal to undo everything I have eaten, or spending Christmas Eve out running in the hope to compensate the compulsive eating of Christmas Day. I will feel anxious, I will likely feel fat, but I will be present and available to those around me. My mind will not be calorie-counting! Unlimited Free Resources 1 x Monthly Newsletter 1 X Monthly Article Opt-out of unwanted marketing Bronze Membership Recovery Focused Content Free Online Mindful Mental Health Course Contact with recoverees and a greater part of our community Silver Subscription

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