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Hello People of the Earth! July is coming to a swift end so it is time for another update which I am excited to share. This month has been strange for us all; I think a lot of us were looking forward to the weather getting warmer and the feel of lockdown starting to ease - perhaps a chance for some sunshine and normality. But the weather hasn't quite lived up to my very low expectations of British Summer Time, even with global warming paddling along next to us! But things are starting to feel brighter. Families are able to meet again, holidays are temperamentally being arranged and the evenings are still long enough for us to make the most of the outdoors later on in the day.

Personally, July has been a strange month in the regard that I've been continuing my business plan and improving upon my online courses, as well as getting ready for some temp work safeguarding young people. This is what I'm doing now, well in fact I'm sat on a London bound at 7:40 am typing away, hoping that my stabbing at this keyboard isn't annoying the grey haired, bushy bearded man in a blue shirt sat opposite me. My latest online course, Mindful Mental Health, is now nicely polished and available on Udemy. In order to promote a more 'self-aware' model of caring for our mental health, I have gifted you all with the course for FREE! Yep, you can do my mindfulness course (which can be completed in the space of 1 hour if you are super speedy) without paying a thing. If you click here and use the code EMMAPDFREE when signing up then you could have yourself a more conscientious, relaxed and positive 'you' by the end of today. I am also excited to announce that in August I hope to have another online course published focusing solely on social confidence. So many of us, and especially having spent so much time shut away in lockdown, experience social anxiety on a frequent basis. Therefore, I have devised a very specific curriculum that is accessible to anyone, regardless of how confident you feel around others.

I hope you have all had a lovely July and are looking forward to August in which I hope you will have a chance to relax and switch off in the sunshine.

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