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Are you living your Ikigai?

A lot of us talk of not knowing what we want to do in life or let alone how to live life correctly. Ikigai gets pretty close to giving us the answers to these queries. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that cannot be literally translated into English but comes close to the ideas of 'the reason you get up in the morning', 'the meaning of life' and the 'key to longevity and happiness'. It is fundamentally a lifestyle model that a huge amount of hard evidence to support claims that living this particular lifestyle endorses a calmer, clearer mindset and a long and active life. It is believed that we all have a task that we enjoy and can do meditatively. For some this may be carpentry, flower arranging or dance. For others it could be more square such as accounting, teaching or mentorship. But whatever it is that you enjoy, it should be possible to structure your life around that one task so that it ticks the boxed below.

Is it something you are good at?

Is it something you enjoy?

Does it benefit the world?

Can you earn from it?

If you are interested in learning more about how to harvest and sustainably live out your Ikigai then email to discuss our coaching programme which can be tailored to your career and Ikigai pathway.

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