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A New Direction

Over the past few months I have been reflecting deeply on the direction I wish to take Kind To Mind.

Originally we began with the aim of beginning a successful and well known mental health charity. And yet during my time in Spain 🇪🇸 I found myself moving further away from these two areas (charity and mental health).

Throughout the past two years I have benefited and witnessed the benefits of clinical, talking and community based mental health support. I have also been transformed by international personal development projects. I therefore feel deeply that my practice as a facilitator and writer of personal development programmes will be of most service to this world 🌍.

I no longer wish to contribute to a mental health support charity which does not tackle to systemic and deep routed political failings of international mental health care. Instead, I wish to support current and future generations in personal development for the implementation in our personal lives as well as creating future policy makers with deep self awareness and community values.

Of course mental health will still be at the heart of the work of Kind To Mind. Personal Development relies on and is so deeply routed in our emotional and cognitive health. Therefore, our services will not be changing. We still offer 1:1 coaching, talks and workshops. However instead of focusing on clients with diagnosable mental health challenges, we want to widen our doors to all individuals looking to increase satisfaction and depth of awareness in their lives. I will also start to expand my focus on international projects funded by the EU.

Thank you for your continued support 🙏🏼

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