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Bespoke workshops and retreat days for schools, youth centres and groups, empowering and supporting young adults to use skills, mindsets and tools for resilience to manage the transition into responsible, healthy and confident adults. Our methodology is a combination of psychological theory with a focus on mindfulness practices for increased mental and emotional resilience, combining group and individual tasks for a fun, interactive  and reflective session.

Personal Development Day

Using non-formal education methods in a fun and engaging manner to equip young people with the tools they need to manage life's challenges. We support young people with confidence, communication and personal identity to better understand their roles, boundaries, skillsets and areas of improvement. 


Key Focuses

- Self Esteem and Identity

- Core Values and Building the Future

- Resilience (social media, mental health, peer pressure)

- Using Your Voice


We offer in person session of 1 and 2 day workshops as well as an online version.

Adolescent Empowerment Week

Building upon the toolkit that participants create for themselves in the one or two day workshops, the week long programme dives deeper into common challenges of adolescence and allows individuals to reflect upon the role they play in caring for their mental wellbeing. 

Alongside the topics in our shorter programmes (see left), this programme provides an opportunity for participants to bring topics which they would like to work on and to explore within a supportive framework. Our facilitators are able to listen and adjust session plans to meet specific desires for improvement in the field of personal development. This programme also provides a fantastic opportunity to build community through active sharing, listening and empathic collaboration amongst groups and is ideal for building community in year groups 10 and 11 or sixth form groups.

Online Workshops

Our facilitators are also able to offer shorter sessions with a more specific focus on mental health via Zoom. These sessions tend to last between 1 hour to one day (with adequate breaks) and provide a more educational platform for learning skills to improve adolescent mental health. Specific topics include:


- Anxiety Management

- Low Mood

- Self - Worth and Core Values

- Individual and Group Identity

- Exam and Career Stress


If you have any questions or hesitations, we recommend getting in touch with us so that we can answer any queries and let you know if this is the right programme for you. We are more than happy to book a discovery call with yourself, free of charge, in order for you to get a feel for our approach.  

Do also have a read of client testimonials and FAQs below.


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