1:1 Personal Development Coaching Service. All sessions are delivered remotely via video call or telephone and last 50 minutes. We also free coaching when our budget allows us, so please do enquire to find out what sort of discount or number of free sessions we'd be able to accommodate. If you are able to pay then please see the pricing plans below.

Free discovery call

Book a call with Kind To Mind to discuss whether coaching is right for you and how we can support you in achieving your goals.


Each 50 minute session costs £40 and is delivered by Zoom or telephone as chosen by the client. We suggest an initial 6 sessions to truly benefit from coaching and implement the strategies discussed in sessions.

6 week course
1 x session per week

One session per week. An initial discussion of goals and focus, a bespoke toolkit and action plan to improve your emotional wellbeing. We recommend booking 6 sessions to ensure you benefit from the full effects of personal development coaching.

10 week course
1 x session per week

One session per week. An initial assessment folllowed up with two bespoke toolkits and coaching to improve your mental wellbeing and help you reach your goals. Plus a 1 month post coaching follow up call.


What people say...


Great service and rooted in understanding. Emma is ace.


Thank you for your work and words of motivation it really helps me and those tips that you tell us I will apply in my life. Thank you once again.


I enjoyed the meditation - and being made aware of different things to enhance mental wellbeing.


Emma has helped my daughter with her anxiety personally and on an ongoing basis and she shows empathy and care continually.


The service offers coaching which has been extremely beneficial and has helped many who have needed that extra support in various areas in their lives. Highly recommend!!


Very interesting. Thank you ever so much.


Such a good organisation - really professional but also super accessible for those who are struggling w mental health.


Kind to mind have offered lots of support and help for mental wellness that I have found very useful.


Relaxing in thinking and taking time for wellbeing and taking time to focus.



Is coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching is a more flexible form of solving and learning to cope with life's challenges through talking. Coaches are not counsellors or therapists, however often work with similar principles. We strive to holistically work with you, often in a 'therapy-esque' setting to discuss and explore whatever you bring to the session.

Is coaching worth the money?

Kind To Mind has invested in finances and time to ensure we deliver a professional and affective coaching service. If you are willing to implement the strategies we discuss and work on themes in between sessions then there is no reason why coaching won't be worth the investment.

What do you talk about in coaching sessions?

This is up to you - before your first session, we ask you to complete a questionnaire to explore what it is you are looking for ad which aspects of your personal life or mental health you are looking to work on. Typically these may include specific relationships, low mood, anxiety, career dissatisfaction, self esteem or addiction, however we are open to exploring any topic you would like to work on.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact button below